Monsters. Fantastic Creatures of Fear and Myth

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from 20/12/2013 to 01/06/2014

mostri-creature fantasticheFrom 20 December to 1 June 2013 the exhibition “Mostri. Creature fantastiche della paura e del mito” () will be open to the public at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme.Over one hundred archaeological finds, from Italian and foreign museums – Athens, Berlin, Basel, Vienna, Los Angeles and New York – illustrate the iconographic evolution of the Minotaur, the Griffins, the Chimeras, the Gorgons, Pegasus, the Sphinx, the Harpies, the Sirens, the Satyrs, the Centaurs, the Hydra of Lerna, Scylla and other sea monsters, from the Orient to Greece, as well as to the Etruscan, Italic and Roman world.

A reminder that Classical Art not only portrays the ideal beauty of gods and heroes, but also a series of creatures of horror, into which men have always cast the darkest aspects of themselves. The exhibition unfolds itself along a labyrinthic path, just as the ancient shape throughout which heroes had to walk in their initiatory journey before they could come “forth to rebehold the stars”.”

Museo Nazionale Romano

Palazzo Massimo

Largo Villa Peretti, 1


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Brueghel the fascinating world of Flemish Art – until 03/06/2013

brueghel-romaIn December 2012 The Chiostro del Bramante will play host to a comprehensive collection of masterpieces by the Brueghel family. The exhibition will include paintings, drawings and prints by the principle exponents of the most important family of Flemish artists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, tracing the Brueghels’ artistic development from one generation to another.
Brueghel. The Fascinating World of Flemish Art celebrates the Brueghel dynasty, a family of Flemish painters who made an indelible mark on the history of European art in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. More than 100 selected paintings and drawings provide a wonderful opportunity to admire unique masterpieces: the beautiful snowy Northern European landscapes, rural scenes, village fetes and still lifes, all of which strike us for their meticulous attention to detail. The works are reflections on human existence, bringing together the sacred and the profane, faith and superstition, the cult of beauty and the seductive qualities of the grotesque.

Chiostro del Bramante
Arco della Pace, 5
00186 Roma

Tel. +39 06/916508451 – 06/68809035

€ 12,00 Full price

Canova. The Sign of the Glory – until 07/04/2013

Canova The Museum of Rome – Palazzo Braschi hosts the major exhibition “Canova. The Sign of the Glory. Drawings, paintings and sculptures“. The 79 drawings have been selected from the 1800-piece collection constituting the largest in the world of art by an artist, donated in the mid-nineteenth century to the newly inaugurated Museo Civico of Bassano by Giambattista Sartori Canova, half-brother of the artist and his universal heir. The drawings are accompanied by 15 etchings of the works, 6 original plaster models, 4 tempera, an oil painting, two terracottas and two marbles that show the transition the concept stage to the production of the artwork. A choice that presents a unique historical context of Europe between eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, clarifying the role of Canova as the first real modern artist.

Museo di Roma
Piazza San Pantaleo, 10

Tel: +39 060608

€11,00 Full price
€9,00 Reduced price

Titian exhibition in Rome from 05/03/2013 to 30/06/2013

tiziano-quirinaleVisitors to the exhibition will be able to retrace the salient moments of this great Italian painter’s uncontainable rise, from his early days in the workshops of Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione in Venice to the independence that he won with his large canvases for the Doges and for the D’Este and Della Rovere families, and ultimately with his imperial commissions from Charles V and his son Philip II. Titian’s entire artistic career will be represented at the highest level, decade by decade, underscoring his masterly sense of colour and the development of his brushwork, which proved capable of surpassing the boundaries of painterly imagination.

Scuderie del Quirinale
Via XXIV Maggio, 16

Tel: 0639967500

€12,00 Full price
€9,50 Reduced price