Epiphany in Piazza Navona

epifania-paizza-navona-romaIf the New Year celebrations in the street were not enough, here’s another thing that Rome will reserve for the Epiphany!

This time the location is Piazza Navona, which is home to the Christmas’ markets since the beginning of December .It’s here that you can find stalls full of sweets of all kinds, from the most traditional, such as chocolate and candy, to more specific ones for that party, such as coal sweetened, socks , games and sugary sticks.

The old lady (Befana, in italian), according to tradition, usually leads to the good children on January the 6 , sweets and treats of all kinds. The bad kids are instead rewarded with “Ash and Coal“. It’s in Piazza Navona that the sympathetic (and even a little mischievous) little old lady, will give the gifts to children and adults on the night between 5 and 6 January 2014.

Are you ready? You’ve done good ?

Hotel Demetra wait for you even if you have been a little bad… but do not tell the Befana!!