Canova. The Sign of the Glory – until 07/04/2013

Canova The Museum of Rome – Palazzo Braschi hosts the major exhibition “Canova. The Sign of the Glory. Drawings, paintings and sculptures“. The 79 drawings have been selected from the 1800-piece collection constituting the largest in the world of art by an artist, donated in the mid-nineteenth century to the newly inaugurated Museo Civico of Bassano by Giambattista Sartori Canova, half-brother of the artist and his universal heir. The drawings are accompanied by 15 etchings of the works, 6 original plaster models, 4 tempera, an oil painting, two terracottas and two marbles that show the transition the concept stage to the production of the artwork. A choice that presents a unique historical context of Europe between eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, clarifying the role of Canova as the first real modern artist.

Museo di Roma
Piazza San Pantaleo, 10

Tel: +39 060608

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