Portrait of a city, Art in Rome, 1960-2001.

ritratto-citta-roma-1960-2001The exhibition Portrait of a city. Art in Rome, 1960-2001 offers a glimpse of collecting contemporary, with an emphasis on the Roman scene. The works on display – mostly loans from major private companies of Rome, collectors, galleries, critics, curators and the artists themselves, as well as some works from the collection of MACRO – return the artistic memory of the city, focusing on the perspective historical, from the early sixties, comes to the present day.
Portrait of a city is thought of as a great visual atlas is divided into a timeline and more than 50 works, including sculptures, installations and paintings. The timeline, a route with photos, videos, posters and documents, develops on the largest wall of the room Enel (about 45 meters long), establishing a continuous dialogue with the works, arranged according to a chronological division. The exhibition is also designed to be continually updated and implemented, both in the documentary that the rotation of the works on display.
With this mapping geographical and historical reality on the art of Rome – that they have and they are setting up the story – the MACRO becomes a great research laboratory can provide a critical service permanent on the various works and documents which, in turn, will be loaned or donated to the museum.

MACRO – Museum of contemporary art
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4

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