Ray Caesar – The Trouble With Angels


from 14 February 2014 to 6 April 2014

ray-caesarRay Caesar is an international well-known artist, undisputed leader of digital art. Born in London in 1958, Caesar’s artworks have been exhibited in the greatest gallery all over the world. Each one of his works is like a little piece of a big puzzle. Like Mary Shelley who deconstructs the human body in order to reconstruct it, so does Ray Caesar. In his creations he gets together fragments of decorative styles and architectural ages to give birth to a timeless beauty. In this mix of art decò, Victorian style and visual codes from the early 1900’s, his works really stand out for their personality and charm. Absolute master of digital technique he is a reference point to all the artists who faces this artistic discipline. Caesar works in Maya (a 3D modeling software used for digital animation effects in film and game industries), using it to create his figures as well as the virtual realms in which they exist.With full control over dressing, posing and lighting his figures as well as every element of their surroundings, Caesar’s craft is an advanced extension of a childhood obsession-playing with dolls. Fantasy, escapism, human cruelty and disguise are reoccurring themes explored within his dramatic narratives. Betraying the seemingly child-like innocence of the figures is their piercing, knowing gaze-exposing inner strength in contrast with their fragile physical appearance. Dark details manifest from deep within the artist’s vast imagination to define simulated realities, transporting the viewer into sanctuaries created for his lost ghost-children who emerge from shadows into safe refuge, carrying macabre secrets and hidden truths.“

Dorothy Circus Gallery

Via dei Pettinari, 76



Tel: 0668805928



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Demetra Hotel reccomends: Anni ’70 – Arte a Roma , Arts in Rome in the 1970s


from 17 December 2013 to 2 March 2014

arte-aroma-1970sAlmost two hundred exhibits by one hundred Italian and international artists serve to explore the art of a decade and of a city in a lively tangle of varied artistic trends and approaches. Rome in the 1970s was a crucible of experimental art, a city that welcomed with open arms all the different visual cultures that ended up forging a unique identity while continuing to reflect what was going on in the outside world.

The exhibition hosts a multitude of different artistic trends, ranging from Arte Povera to the artists of the so-called Roman school, from Conceptual Art to Anarchitecture and art seen as collective participation or as political militancy, and from Narrative Art to the work that triggered a planetwide revolution in painting revolving around the Transavantgarde whose epicentre was in Rome. Each room in the exhibition has been put together on the basis of a different leitmotif: not a theme as such but a trend, a discipline, a mindset, a key word, an intuition borrowed from a critic or the title of an exhibit. The way these leitmotifs have been choreographed has led to a basic division of the exhibition into two parts corresponding to the first and second halves of the decade. But we urge visitors to take our indications as mere suggestions, remembering that each exhibit is a repository of unfathomable complexity and that the arguments selected on each occasion for the plot of the narrative can “travel” in the eyes and mind of the visitor from one room to another and from one exhibit to another.”

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Via Nazionale, 194



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Portrait of a city, Art in Rome, 1960-2001.

ritratto-citta-roma-1960-2001The exhibition Portrait of a city. Art in Rome, 1960-2001 offers a glimpse of collecting contemporary, with an emphasis on the Roman scene. The works on display – mostly loans from major private companies of Rome, collectors, galleries, critics, curators and the artists themselves, as well as some works from the collection of MACRO – return the artistic memory of the city, focusing on the perspective historical, from the early sixties, comes to the present day.
Portrait of a city is thought of as a great visual atlas is divided into a timeline and more than 50 works, including sculptures, installations and paintings. The timeline, a route with photos, videos, posters and documents, develops on the largest wall of the room Enel (about 45 meters long), establishing a continuous dialogue with the works, arranged according to a chronological division. The exhibition is also designed to be continually updated and implemented, both in the documentary that the rotation of the works on display.
With this mapping geographical and historical reality on the art of Rome – that they have and they are setting up the story – the MACRO becomes a great research laboratory can provide a critical service permanent on the various works and documents which, in turn, will be loaned or donated to the museum.

MACRO – Museum of contemporary art
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4

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Brueghel the fascinating world of Flemish Art – until 03/06/2013

brueghel-romaIn December 2012 The Chiostro del Bramante will play host to a comprehensive collection of masterpieces by the Brueghel family. The exhibition will include paintings, drawings and prints by the principle exponents of the most important family of Flemish artists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, tracing the Brueghels’ artistic development from one generation to another.
Brueghel. The Fascinating World of Flemish Art celebrates the Brueghel dynasty, a family of Flemish painters who made an indelible mark on the history of European art in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. More than 100 selected paintings and drawings provide a wonderful opportunity to admire unique masterpieces: the beautiful snowy Northern European landscapes, rural scenes, village fetes and still lifes, all of which strike us for their meticulous attention to detail. The works are reflections on human existence, bringing together the sacred and the profane, faith and superstition, the cult of beauty and the seductive qualities of the grotesque.

Chiostro del Bramante
Arco della Pace, 5
00186 Roma

Tel. +39 06/916508451 – 06/68809035

€ 12,00 Full price

Titian exhibition in Rome from 05/03/2013 to 30/06/2013

tiziano-quirinaleVisitors to the exhibition will be able to retrace the salient moments of this great Italian painter’s uncontainable rise, from his early days in the workshops of Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione in Venice to the independence that he won with his large canvases for the Doges and for the D’Este and Della Rovere families, and ultimately with his imperial commissions from Charles V and his son Philip II. Titian’s entire artistic career will be represented at the highest level, decade by decade, underscoring his masterly sense of colour and the development of his brushwork, which proved capable of surpassing the boundaries of painterly imagination.

Scuderie del Quirinale
Via XXIV Maggio, 16

Tel: 0639967500

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